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Artists Nina Bacos, John Farrell and Melanie Letore come together for an exhibition that was not supposed to happen.

After a slight stumble in the delivery of its program, Milk Diaries has accommodated an incongruous yet delightful exhibition of its mentors.

With a few hours to spare, Bacos, Farrell and Letore physically carried work to Milk Café that was available and presentable – works made as part of wider projects; works that had gathered dust in cupboards and on shelves; works hadn’t been looked at for months or years. Because of the lack of a curator or pre-determined concept, the installation of IMPROMPTU became a purely visual exercise. The artists looked at shapes, colours and subject matter, and asked the most simple question of all: what can I see?

Join us for a beer at the opening of IMPROMPTU at Milk Cafe from 6.30pm on Saturday 17th of September.


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Today we met with Kat Abdullah, who has been putting up posters (see below) in Govanhill for her project. She has quite a few different communities involved, and her exhibition will show a wealth of different Govanhill-ers. She will also add quotes from interviews with the participants.




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Taking Nikolett Barra’s work as a point of departure, the mentors, curators, artist and public discussed the idea of home and the importance and validity of memories.

“If I were to lose my memory, I would still know where I grew up.”


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Zoe shared some of her images from their opening:



Nikolett Barra


Andrew Rankin and Kozma Csilla


Tristan Hutchinson

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We’re really excited about Zoe and John’s second exhibition at Milk Café. The opening takes places on the 4th August.

milkshots2fb event

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Zoe Hamill shared this image today of their Milk Shots 2/3! Featuring Andrew Rankin, Tristan Hutchinson, Kozma Csilla and Nikolett Barra.


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On the 10th of June, Zoe Hamill and John McDougall facilitated an artist talk with two of the four artists participating in Milk Shots 1/3 – Donald John MacLean and Ciara Campbell.



Photographs by Zoe Hamill.

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The first of three zines created by Zoe Hamill of Belfast Photo Factory and John MacDougall of The Forgotten Collective, showcasing the work of four artists.


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We present the four photographers showcased in Milk Shots 1/3, in the words of Zoe Hamill and John MacDougall.

From the Glasgow half of Milk Shots, is photographer Donald John MacLean. Shot on a Holga, his images reflect the unpredictable nature of street photography and the loneliness that can be experienced in a big city, where individuals in such close contact remain strangers to each other.


Clare Callaghan recently moved to the UK from New Zealand and her images for Milk Shots explore the isolation of being on the other side of the world as an opportunity for self reflection. Find her work on


Mary Hamill was chosen by Clare Callaghan to exhibit alongside her. Mary’s images explore the domestic space in relation to pair bonding relationships. She is a member of collective PANOPTIC and has just completed her BA in Photography at University of Ulster, Belfast.


Ciara Campbell is originally from Dublin but now lives in Glasgow. Her street photography is a collection of gathered snapshots, swiftly observed and captured before the moment disappears back into the continuous hum of the city.

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The Forgotten Collective & Belfast Photo Factory, will present the first of three exhibitions and publications exploring the notion of Home.

This first edition will bring together Donald John MacLean of The Forgotten Collective, with Clare Callaghan of Belfast Photo Factory and invited guests Mary Hamill and Ciara Campbell.

The opening will take place on the 14th of April.

We’re really excited to see their first zine!