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Month: December, 2015

CCA and the participants

by rectangledays


In preparation for the presentations and Q&A, we asked all three selected participants to answer a set of questions, which we hoped would elucidate some of the issues each application had raised. We asked for clarifications, more detail, technological specifications, etc.

On the 14th of December 2014, at the last TSP event of 2015, a small public gathered to participate in the curatorial slam in the CCA Cinema. Each participant was asked to prepare a 10 minutes presentation, which was followed by 5 minutes of feedback/questions from the mentors. When all three presentations were over, the mentors and curators invited questions and comments from the audience.

The three groups presented varied and exciting projects: collaborative zines; community-based projects; showcased artists; and a multitude of possible events and discussions were spoken about.



The Old Hairdresser’s and the Proposals

by talkcphoto


On a December Monday night 2015 The Milk Diary Crew had a meeting at The Old Hairdresser’s to go through three  proposals to present at TalkSeePhotography’s Curatorial Slam. Each presenter had 3 suggestions for shows to be executed at Cafe Milk on Victoria road in Govanhill.


There are two questions:

– how to create an interesting event

– how to create an interesting program

We have agreed that:

– there are three applications invited to present at TSP

– we will ask them questions about the specifics of their proposal before the presentation so they can address them and tighten their proposal/presentation.