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Month: April, 2016

by rectangledays

The first of three zines created by Zoe Hamill of Belfast Photo Factory and John MacDougall of The Forgotten Collective, showcasing the work of four artists.



by rectangledays

We present the four photographers showcased in Milk Shots 1/3, in the words of Zoe Hamill and John MacDougall.

From the Glasgow half of Milk Shots, is photographer Donald John MacLean. Shot on a Holga, his images reflect the unpredictable nature of street photography and the loneliness that can be experienced in a big city, where individuals in such close contact remain strangers to each other.


Clare Callaghan recently moved to the UK from New Zealand and her images for Milk Shots explore the isolation of being on the other side of the world as an opportunity for self reflection. Find her work on


Mary Hamill was chosen by Clare Callaghan to exhibit alongside her. Mary’s images explore the domestic space in relation to pair bonding relationships. She is a member of collective PANOPTIC and has just completed her BA in Photography at University of Ulster, Belfast.


Ciara Campbell is originally from Dublin but now lives in Glasgow. Her street photography is a collection of gathered snapshots, swiftly observed and captured before the moment disappears back into the continuous hum of the city.

by rectangledays

The Forgotten Collective & Belfast Photo Factory, will present the first of three exhibitions and publications exploring the notion of Home.

This first edition will bring together Donald John MacLean of The Forgotten Collective, with Clare Callaghan of Belfast Photo Factory and invited guests Mary Hamill and Ciara Campbell.

The opening will take place on the 14th of April.

We’re really excited to see their first zine!