Milk Diaries

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Month: September, 2016

by rectangledays

Artists Nina Bacos, John Farrell and Melanie Letore come together for an exhibition that was not supposed to happen.

After a slight stumble in the delivery of its program, Milk Diaries has accommodated an incongruous yet delightful exhibition of its mentors.

With a few hours to spare, Bacos, Farrell and Letore physically carried work to Milk Café that was available and presentable – works made as part of wider projects; works that had gathered dust in cupboards and on shelves; works hadn’t been looked at for months or years. Because of the lack of a curator or pre-determined concept, the installation of IMPROMPTU became a purely visual exercise. The artists looked at shapes, colours and subject matter, and asked the most simple question of all: what can I see?

Join us for a beer at the opening of IMPROMPTU at Milk Cafe from 6.30pm on Saturday 17th of September.


by rectangledays

Today we met with Kat Abdullah, who has been putting up posters (see below) in Govanhill for her project. She has quite a few different communities involved, and her exhibition will show a wealth of different Govanhill-ers. She will also add quotes from interviews with the participants.