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Tonight ACHE and artist Carline Grape hosted Dense Crumb in the Milk Café. See their proposal and images below.

Dense Crumb-2 copy



Jonny Kirkwood opening

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ACHE (Peter Basma-Lord, Jens Masimov, Jonas Jessen Hansen, Declan Finn Malone), exhibiting artist Jonny Kirkwood and Milk Diaries mentor Emma Sandström before the first opening for Milk Diaries.




And here is Nina Bacos from TalkSeePhotography with Jens!


All images by Jonas Jessen Hansen.

ACHE install: Jonny Kirkwood

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ACHE’s first install for The Milk Diaries took place Wednesday 2nd of March 2016.

Jonny Kirkwood assisted by ACHE member Declan Finn Malone and Milk Diaries mentor John Farrell.


Some of Jonny’s work being put up for this exhibition.


Jens Masimov, Jonas Jessen Hansen and Declan Finn Malone.

John Farrell and ACHE confirming dates for collateral events with Angela from Café Milk.


Peter Basma-Lord and John Farrell measuring the café front window in anticipation of ACHE’s vinyl sign.


A final picture of ACHE.

The opening takes place on Friday 4th March at 6pm. Hopefully see you there!

ACHE’s collateral events include:

Wednesday 9th March – Living Room Lecture with Milk, Dennistoun
Wednesday 16th March – Dense Crumb Dinner at Milk
Thursday 24th March – Living Room Lecture at Milk
Photos by John Farrell and Melanie Letore.

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This pop-up reading happened today to kick off our year of photography events in Milk Café!

JMcDougallStudioEventPorposal copy

January meetings

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Throughout January 2016, we met with the participants on a one-to-one basis to discuss their plans.


ACHE is a collective formed by four second year Glasgow School of Art Fine Art Photography students, Jonas Jessen Hansen, Jens Masimov, Declan Finn Malone and Peter Basma-Lord. They suggest using Café Milk as a central hub to host discussions, events, dinners… Their first exhibition would be a showcase of artist Jonny Kirkwood.

Zoe Hamill and John McDougall each belong to photography collectives: Belfast Photo Factory (Belfast) for the former, and The Forgotten Collective (Glasgow) for the latter. They suggest building up on past projects to continue the collaboration between the collectives. Their suggested outcomes are zines, exhibitions and events.

Kat Abdullah graduated from Edinburgh Napier University in 2014 from the photography and film course. She suggests an exhibition involving the local Govanhill community, tying in community projects with photography.

CCA and the participants

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In preparation for the presentations and Q&A, we asked all three selected participants to answer a set of questions, which we hoped would elucidate some of the issues each application had raised. We asked for clarifications, more detail, technological specifications, etc.

On the 14th of December 2014, at the last TSP event of 2015, a small public gathered to participate in the curatorial slam in the CCA Cinema. Each participant was asked to prepare a 10 minutes presentation, which was followed by 5 minutes of feedback/questions from the mentors. When all three presentations were over, the mentors and curators invited questions and comments from the audience.

The three groups presented varied and exciting projects: collaborative zines; community-based projects; showcased artists; and a multitude of possible events and discussions were spoken about.


The Old Hairdresser’s and the Proposals

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On a December Monday night 2015 The Milk Diary Crew had a meeting at The Old Hairdresser’s to go through three  proposals to present at TalkSeePhotography’s Curatorial Slam. Each presenter had 3 suggestions for shows to be executed at Cafe Milk on Victoria road in Govanhill.


There are two questions:

– how to create an interesting event

– how to create an interesting program

We have agreed that:

– there are three applications invited to present at TSP

– we will ask them questions about the specifics of their proposal before the presentation so they can address them and tighten their proposal/presentation.